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Beijing Zhibabao Network Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded in early 2014, is committed to providing intellectual property legal data products and services. It also cooperates with senior media services and intellectual forest training services to vertically integrate intellectual property resources. Provide comprehensive services such as data analysis, professional consulting, media, exhibition and promotion for the intellectual property industry.

The development path

Simplifying Protection, Boosting Monetization

· January 2019 IPHOUSE Tripartite Case Management Service Platform was launched

· April 2019, the IPR Rule of Law and Business Environment Forum hosted by IPHOUSE was successfully held

· April 2019, the website of IPFOREST was officially launched.

· April 2019 Established the office of IPHOUSE Overseas office (Washington, DC, USA)

· April 2019, Faxin Intellectual Property of the Judge Edition co-developed by IPHOUSE and the People’s Court Press and Gridsum Technology was launched.

· April 2019 Established \"Liu Chuntian, Su Chi Jin Kesheng Studio\"

· March 2019 Beijing Internet Court Judgment Automation System was successfully delivered

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IPHOUSE is dedicated to providing Chinese IP legal research solutions, news & analyses, and is a trusted advisor on IP monetization and protection

Shawn Zhang


Mr. Zhang has successively been a journalist, editor and editor-in-chief of China Industry and Commerce Daily of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, China Intellectual Property News of the State Intellectual Property Office, with profession learn more


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